Plagued by an emptiness since the reaper came
without warning,
I've had to face the passing years like a day without morning.
I never cry out loud.
I stepped from the path I was treading the day you went away
Would I have reached my destination if you were here for me today?
Would I have made you proud?

The fates conspired to take you and your love away from me,
but they have never had the power to erase the memory.
Of the time we had together.
All the things that we did, and all the words you said
Still reside within my heart and are replayed inside my head.
A cross I must bear forever.

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This page was last updated on: April 8, 2003

            The Gift

A gift you gave to me so long ago
More precious than breathtaking gems
more valuable than silver or gold.
A gift that altered this simple life of mine.
The piece of your heart given freely when
love was new to us.
A simple act that meant more to me
than life itself.
A gift to be cherished beyond a mortal
Still held within the warm confines
of my heart.


Nobodys' love

Nobody really cares for you,
yet Someone shares your nights,
And Nobody wants to hold you
until morning spreads its' light.
Nobody loved you before and
Nobody loves you more
than Someone.

Nobody hides the feelings that
Someone is allowed to show
And Someone gets to take you
where Nobody wants to go.
Someone is all that he can be
and Someone holds the envy
of Nobody..

My Poetry
At the moment of awareness

At the moment of awareness each morning
the first thoughts I have are you
Your image emerges without warning
sent by a heart that beats true.
Then you cling to a moment within my mind
determined there to stay
No matter what I do I'll find
you are there with me all day.

I say a prayer that I might hold you
one more time before life says goodbye
With my love I could enfold you
lift your spirits to the sky.
Upon this earth no power exists
to pull you from my heart.
The love that I had for you persists
never waning in our time apart.

Nobody ever sees the tears
that keep welling up inside
Flowing softly through the years
for the feelings long denied.
So as I lay here thinking of you
still questioning "what went wrong"?
My heart sings out "I love you"!
With a passion still lingering on.

Forget me not

Don't forget me, please don't let me,
become just another long lost friend.
Hold me near you, let me hear you,
say our friendship will never end.
Do you know how much I love you?
How deep my feelings run?
Far deeper than the ocean and brighter than the sun.
Wondering about you, living life without you.
Caught in the fallout of your sweet and lingering kiss.
I realise, when I close my eyes
the magic touch of your sweet embrace
is something that I miss.
I'll go on waiting patiently for you to
tellme when,
you want me there beside you and in your arms again..

Old Scene

I think of you each day old scene
About how we were and what might have been.
Looking over my shoulder instead of
now where I belong,
Humming tunes that hold on to me
instead of singing a present song.

This man at times feels lost these days
Searching for elusive light while groping through the haze
Always beyond an outstretched hand
yet somehow closer than near,
With persistant dreams going unfulfilled
adding fuel to my fear.

I think of you each day old scene
My heart commands each image flowing
pure and clean.
hoping that outside fantasy
I'll hear your voice express my name
Like you do within my often dream
where we play the lovers' game.

Loves' Shadow

My heart still resides in the shadow that has crossed the barriers of time and space.
Cast by emotions of a love once shared, strong enough to blot out the rays of the sun.
The minds eye watching precious moments experienced, but now beyond longing, replayed on the screen of memories.
Scenes of elation and disappointment in clear bright colours never fading with the passing of years.
Heartfelt feelings sent cascading to every pore of my mortal being, igniting the flame inside that inner man,
still reluctant to ever let you go.

Just to hold you one more time and look deep into your eyes.
Searching for the sign that points the direction to your heart.
Hoping to find the corner of your soul that was once my dwelling place.
Perhaps I'm there already!
Like a prisoner submerged deep inside your being,
Waiting for the time you no longer fear to let him surface, to remind you of his unbroken promise made so long ago in a moment of tenderness.
"I will love you forever!"

New Year.

As the clock chimed midnight,
announcing the year brand new,
I whispered a silent toast  and
raised my glass to you.
I remembered the conversation that
we last had on the phone,
about the simple plan you had
to spend New Years Eve alone.
As the crowd gathered together
to sing out Auld Lang Syne,
I merely fumbled with the words
as you were on my mind.
I pictured me beside you as
the world began its' cheer,
where we hugged in celebration
at the birth of another year.


Holding the hand of the shining moon while
Remembering the sun.
Wrapped within a silver thread that
A summer's day had spun.

Dreaming of the promise I shall never see
In denial of an empty space over which
Many tears were spilled.

An image on a mirror's face reflecting
The time gone by,
Deepens regret inside the zone that still asks the question why.

With echoes of the melody that still calls me in my dreamlike haze
I travel on life's highway in a search for golden coloured days.


Idle Thoughts
Then suddenly you were there.
Once again within my dream, walking inside the realm of eyesight yet just beyond touch.
That constant reminder of a nagging doubt which sits in the confines of a distracted heart.
Your image melting in a wave of silent tears.
The sadness of a moment when capitulation was the only resistance offered to a kiss goodbye.

Alone with silence

Alone, cold.
Wide awake in the middle of the night
with thoughts of only you.
Forbidden fruit,
ripening with each passing minute.
A fantasy replayed countless times over
the years once again inside my mind.
Two souls united, flying like an eagle
reaching for the sun.
Dancing as one to the rhythm of passions'
Harmonizing as the beat carries them to
the boundaries of ecstasy and beyond.
Into the shadow of the afterglow where
the blood slowly cools.
For a spirit that can go where ever it


Countless words in silence written.
Moments in contemplation.
Solo with my heartfelt emotions.
Reaching out with my pen,
the only ally in my quest for
your heart.
The virgin page lies patiently
as plans enter my mind.
Waiting to convey thoughts to
your eyes.



I see you in the minds eye with every passing moment
A hopeless love to be carried for eternity
To kiss your lips in imagination drives me beyond
Screaming out I love you inside my mind
Wishing you could hear me.
Holding you in my arms within a daydream
Praying for a word that shows recognition of
A fondness held within your breast.
I wish sometimes in moments of emptiness that we Had never met.
The ghost of your smile haunting a barren corner
Of my heart that seems impossible to fill.

A Fond Farewell,

Summers party has come to an end,
Time to say goodbye dear friend.
Put out the flame that has burned for so long
And dance to the beat of a different song.
In a box in the corner bury each letter
Turn to face another day and pray it turns out better.

The joker sat in judgement of the game being played
Decided that the edges of our tapestry were frayed.
Insecurity stronger than the simple need for fun,
Now the time has come to turn our backs toward the sun.
Farewell to conversation, goodbye to many years.
I close the book in silence and with a minimum of tears.



Can you hear my heart beating as you read the words I write?
Do you see the emotions riding the sea of words on each page?
Are you aware of the yearning that clings to my soul when we are close enough to touch?
My mind imprisoned by confusion and a heart caught between the Sun and the Moon.
What I want to be, what I have become.
Lost in a land of shadows and dreaming of full light..


What keeps me thinking of you
after all the years apart?
Will you ever leave the hiding place
you have inside my heart?
Why did I ever let you go
without putting up a fight?
These questions often plague me
when I cannot sleep at night!

What would I ever say to you
if I met you one more time?
Would I tell you I still love you
or would words be hard to find?
In your dreams am I there with you
and we hold each other near?
Just like me, do you find yourself
with feelings that you fear?

Whenever you felt lonely
did you cast your mind my way?
Wishing me beside you
to chase your blues away?
All these thoughts have remained with me
in my wishes, hopes and dreams.
Gently stroking on my heart
and pulling at its' seams..