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William James (Jim) Jenkinson

Jimbo! - but I have been called many things in my lifetime  (however at my age I no longer care)

Evanston, South Australia

Edinburgh, Scotland

Married to Cynthia, 4 children

Despatch Clerk

Blue       (Tartan is nice haha)

Beatles  / Abbey Road
Paul McCartney / Band on the Run

(Daffy Duck) / Dustin Hoffman,Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan

Otter  (so full of energy)

You gotta be kidding me!!

Australian Rules Football / Ice Hockey (talk about extremes, one is played on frozen water, the other is sometimes played in 40degrees celcius)

Adelaide Football Club      ( Adelaide Crows )
New York Rangers             (NHL)  
Hearts                             (Scottish premier team)

many - photography, fishing, searching the net,
etc, etc, whatever seems good at the time.

Rock n' Roll, Blues  (sorry, I hate Rap)
Yes, this is me (Jim)

  ( I think I was supposed to be a bit better looking than I am)


About Me..

I was born many years ago in Scotland. 1955 to be exact. My father was a Scot and my mother was English.
( does that make me a half-cast? )
    Trying to make a better life for himself and his family, my father decided that the opportunity to do so was to be found in Australia. So in 1964 he packed us all up and headed "down under".                    This turned out to be a choice that he never regretted.
  I still live in Australia in a town called Gawler. I consider myself an Australian, but am still in possession of a Scottish accent. It has however become a bit "Bastardized" by the many years living in this country. I have a sense of humour and enjoy rock and roll music, watching sport and meeting new people on the internet.
  I first discovered poetry in school in about year 6 and my first efforts were not too bad for a young boy. (or so said the teacher, and who am I to argue with a teacher?)  Since that time, I have experienced all of the emotions that life constantly throws at us; The loss of my father, falling in love, heartache, infatuation,
unrequited love, passion, marriage, children, and the list goes on..
  My first serious poetry was written in my late teens,( thanks to my first experience with real love), but I only have a couple from that time that I kept a copy of, and of course the rest I can't remember.  Silly me, who knew about web pages in the 70s, and writing poetry was not exactly a `bloke thing' to do in those days.  
  It has only been in the last ten years that I began to write on a semi-regular  basis and only in the last 2 that I have had my poetry published.  ( just letting you know that the poems to be found on this site are my property)
I get my inspiration from my wife Cynthia whom I have been with since 1976, my friends, my children Adam, Troy, Amy and Daryl. I find my emotional content comes from them and also from my memories.
    I guess I am a Romantic at heart, as I love stories with happy endings, I feel empathy for the underdog and I hate to see anyone upset or suffering.
If you have read this far, thank you for your patience as I rambled on a bit, and poured out a little syrup, but that is just me.

I pray you like my poetry and I would love your feedback so please take a moment to sign my Guestbook..

Me aged 9
Aged 21